Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning

Picture 1 = My Normal Route Picture 2 = My Route This Morning

Ok, so I had a marvelous morning this morning - started out with freaking out on my husband for leaving the clothes iron on all day and all night, after fuming all morning I finally cooled off and apologized on my way out only to get all bent out of shape over how he was precariously wrapped in a blanket on the couch with his cup of coffee filled to the brim on his lap while he was bending over to read his blogs on our laptop...images of disaster flashed through my mind and I flipped - again. Considering we have two rambunctious dogs in the house - one whose tail has been known to wag so wildly and with so much force that it has knocked over whole cups of red koolaid from our coffee table onto our floor and the other is a 7lb pipsqueek but is known to leap unannounced onto your lap on the furniture to vie for your attention - all scenarios could easily result in the cup of steaming coffee being tossed in the keyboard and screen of our only surviving very expensive laptop.

So I left the house ticked only to run into a HUGE traffic mess on the interstate -GGGREEAAATTTT.

As soon as I get onto the on ramp I notice that traffic is backed up for miles and all of a sudden my radio station chimes in to let everyone know about the accident blocking the center and right lanes.....nice timing - no really. Wait until I get onto the interstate to warn me - that's great.

So after sitting on the on-ramp for 10 minutes we finally creep onto the I-65. Knowing the next off-ramp is only a mile a way I follow another car's lead and start driving on the side of the road - I get off I-65 only to run into a snarl of traffic doing just the I had to by-pass them by taking the long way to where I wanted to go - which still didn't stop me from running into even more traffic snarls from the tons of people trying to do the exact same thing I am - and here I thought I was being cunning by making all these short-cuts.

So instead of taking a half an hour to get to work this morning - it took me a good hour....

And apparently my day isn't getting any better. AARRRRGGG.

P.S. Remember that book when you were little - Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? Loved it - and of course it is very applicable to my morning this morning. Sigh.

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