Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nest Shopping for the Near Future

Being on one income has delayed our "nesting" for a few months - but hopefully we can start back up again soon. Here are few little additions we have been looking into for our home.

1. Replacing our old-slightly unstable glass-topped coffee table that we bought for $25 at an Antique Store in Angola, IN for this:

Mission-Style Coffee Table - $57.26

(and we plan on keeping the glass table - but moving it upstairs to our game-room)

2. Two matching end-tables to put our new lamps on! Right now our cool new pineapple styled lamps are resting precariously on random objects in our livingroom.

Mission-Style End Tables - $36.04

I really like the simple design and the price!

For our bedroom we are looking to get Bali Cellular Cordless Shades - the rest of the house needs curtains/blinds or shades of the similar color to our bali shades.

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