Monday, February 25, 2008

This Why I Pack My Lunch

This is EXACTLY why I brown-bag it for lunch everyday at work, because temptations like this lurk in the mall food court where my fellow coworker's go to get their grub. I recently fell ill to the temptation last Thursday when feeling particularly blue about my brown-bag lunch contents (we were running low on groceries at home and so the pickings were slim). Instead of going all out and replacing my lunch, I decided to merely supplement my lunch contents with a spunky little treat from Cinnabon. Yeah, I ended up leaving with the above pictured monstrosity of a cinnamon roll. I do not even want to know the calories involved in this thing. I ended up only eating half and feeling so guilty that I have taken the stairs everyday since.

Note of correction: My HUSBAND packs my lunch in the morning - not I. I am loved!

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