Monday, February 11, 2008

Thinking Outside the Office Chair

My Gaiam Ball Chair

When I started my job I began spending a large amount of time at my desk in front of computer. This of course has led to a few problems, - first my wrists and forearms began to hurt - solved that by ordering various ergonomic wrist supports. Then I began experiencing pain in my shoulders and lower back. I tried various different chairs in the office and even brought in one from home - nothing seemed to help. With a little research I found a view products that would help and dutifully added them to my Christmas list. Thankfully Santa showed up and delivered a marvelous Gaiam ball chair under the tree that year. Ever since then, my back and shoulders have felt marvelous. I can sit for hours and not feel cramped or slouchy. But what I gained in posture and relief from back pain I also began getting funny looks from my fellow office inhabitants. Then I found this great little video clip of a new kind of chair even worse than the one I have in my office. I was sure to email it out to all my coworkers and show them I could be sitting on something even more odd. I have had the chair for about a year now so most people are used to it, but when we get the out-of-office visitor it always a highlight of convo. :)

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