Saturday, January 26, 2008

Valentine's Day Wish List

February is my month! Valentine's Day AND my birthday within DAYS of each other - just MARVELOUS!

Here is my Valentine's Day Wish List:

1.Luv Bytes Sandwich Cutter - $2.99

2. Pant's Hangers - I know you can find them at Target & Meijer - but this image came from Lillian Vernon - $9.98

3. ROUND Belgian Waffle Maker - again Target or somewhere but this image is from Black & Decker

4. Heart Jewelery! This image is from Tiffany's


The Schwankes said...

I hope Matt reads your blog! What day is your birthday? I'm the 4th!

SuzyQ said...

Oh, yes - he reads my blog! :) And my birthday is on the 20th!

SuzyQ said...

Hi SuzyQ!
I noticed your name on a comment an clicked on the link to your website out of curiosity..My name- nickname actually- is also SuzyQ, which made me curious about you:)so then I find that you like a lot of the same stuff, even describe yourself the same way I would..except for the wife bit!!lol:D I was pretty amazed when I took the cookie quiz an discovered I too am a chessmen cookie. My birthday is February 25th, and I suspect our years are a bit different too- mine's '87. Anyways, I loved visiting your interesting website..the similarities were quite fascinating, really:)

SuzyQ said...

suzyq - I was so confused for a second. When I got the email notifying me that that SuzyQ wrote on this post - I was like huh? I did not write on that post...weird.


But now I see - so what is your blog? usually blogger links to your profile but it didn't in this case for some reason. I would love to read more from a fellow suzyq! :)