Saturday, January 26, 2008

Putting Our Oven to Good Use

Matthew and I don't always take advantage of our great new oven - but there comes the occasional day that we do. This Saturday was one of those days. Having exhausted our routine list of meals (spaghetti, Wanchai Ferry Chinese Dinner Kits, tacos, tomato soup and grilled cheese, chili, meatball sandwiches, etc) - we started getting antsy and being recently inspired to make a few dishes - we got our pots, pans and bowls out to whip up a few great things to get us through the week.

We made:

1. Chex Mix

2. A large batch of Breakfast Burritos for breakfast throughout the week.

3. Lemonade with Sliced Lemons

And tomorrow we will make:

4. Chicken Caesear Pita's inspired by a lunch we had recently at Chili's

5. Shepard's Chicken & Rice for our evening group at church

Phew - lots of cooking!

Eating at home is important to us - because of finances for one, health second and because we get to spend more time together.

Here is a great link to a meal planning template from!
Hubby and I plan our meals out in advance to help us shop for upcoming week - this is a great template to keep it fun!

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