Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cleaning Safely, Naturally AND on a Budget

With my many green initiatives over the last year or so (recycling, composting, bringing our own bags to the grocery store, etc) - the one things I neglected to green the most about my everyday routine was the way I clean.

I want things to smell and look clean - and for the longest time the smell of clean to me is the smell of bleach and harsh cleaning products.

But these very products are harmful both to my body and to the environment - not to mention being ridiculously expensive. We are talking $3 and up per bottle of cleaner! A nice chunk out of our pocket that is for sure- not to mention the obvious gagging and choking that occurred whenever I used these abbrassive toxins in my home.

Well, today that changed a little - with my toxic stash of cleaners are all about out - so, I started researching the web on natural cleaning methods.

First I tackled the bathtub with a 1 part vinegar and 1 part water mixture and was AMAZED! This simple solution kicked soap scum's tush better than any of the Scrubbing Bubble/Bleach concoction ever did.

Now I am ready to take natural solutions to the kitchen and beyond!

Here are some great natural cleaning tips I have found:

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