Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 New Year Resolutions

Wow, another year over - it is crazy. Time goes by way to fast! So many things happened in 2007 - it will definitely be a year marked in our memories - both personally and on a worldwide scale.

Personally, my husband and I bought our first house, our good friends got married, got pregnant and had sweet baby boy, my parents separated - got divorced and my mother remarried, my husband's grandmother passed away, we started composting, I learned how to knit, we planted a pineapple, started to landscape on the house, put up a fence, I cut my hair short, and numerous other accomplishments, surprises and disappoints marks 2007 as inforgetable.

I am so very much looking forward to 2008 and what it holds in store for us.

Some general resolutions I hope to keep this year include:

1. Exercising at least once a week (we have an in home treadmill now so that shouldn't be hard - just have to be a little less attached to our comfy couch)
2. Attend at least 3 Marketing/PR seminars, conferences or classes to further improve my occupational skills.
3. Continue to green our home and our life by composting more, taking our own bags to the grocery store, using green products, etc.
4. Start a garden.
5. Become closer to estranged family members.
6. Find a church and become more involved in our community.

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The Schwankes said...

Happy 2008! You both are blessed and have so much to be proud of! I want a house so bad I could spit...