Friday, January 4, 2008

Random Web Searches

I use the web a lot and it is rather funny to sit down and take note of the searches I make in any one day. For example, today I searched the following:

1. Venus Fly Traps
Yup, that is right my friend - venus fly traps. I bought one for my husband after seeing one at Kroger of all places and we have replanted it into a little terrarium of sorts and it is really thriving - I was expecting it to die within a few days..well, it isn't and I wanted to learn more about their care etc.

2. Herron School of Art Alumni Association & Board
I will be attending one of their meetings next week and wanted to know more about their role at IUPUI and Herron and the kind of activities and program they promote, etc.

3. Pure Simplicity
At the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale hidden away by itself on a 75% table I found my favorite face wash of all time - Rice Pure Simplicity Skin Balancing Face Wash - it smells so great and keeps my skin looking amazing. I thought that Bath and Body Works had discontinued the line long ago and low and behold there it was! After speaking with a store associate it sounded like they would not be carrying the product any longer - so I am Googling it see if I can't find alternative locations to buy this great wash. Sadly, I am not having a whole lot of luck in that search.

Converting Paperweight from LBS to GSM
Recently got a new printer at work and have been having issues with it left and right - especially in reference to printing on cardstock - which was never a problem on our older model printer - not to mention that the new printer labels all paper weights using GSM and my paper is labeled in LBs. So I have to convert the weights to see if the paper I have in stock with be new-printer-friendly or not.
Here is site I used to find my conversion table. -

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