Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Need to Knit!

Wow, so the first two weeks of 2008 are proving to be quite crazy - especially at work.We have a new client with hundreds of files that need created or recreated to fit our needs, they have events coming up that the marketing should be been put out on back in the fall - but they were not our client until Dec.1 so that is crazy, then we got a new printer that sounds marvelous - but so far hasn't been [for one I have to now walk all the way to the back of the office to print instead of walk two feet when the printer was in my office, we opted for one big printer instead of two smaller ones so often times there is a line to print, we have had problems with the sensors and it won't let us print because it THINKS it sees paper in some invisible finishing tray when there isn't any, I now have to manually duplex anything on cardstock with a weight more than 65lb, AND it hasn't been letting me select the bypass tray - arg! And my stress is back - I keep waking up at night or the wee hours of the morning freaking out about something I forgot to do at work and I feel, in general, on edge even when I am at home - there is this constant feeling of anxiousness.

Needless to say I think I need to start my knitting again.

It helps ground me and gives me some of my sanity back somehow. And in addition to having more stress inducers in 2008 I haven't knit since I went back to work on Jan. 3rd!

And I am not crazy there is research behind knitting being a stress reliever!
Studies have shown that knitting slows the heart rate and brain waves - having a similar affect as meditation.

Here are some interesting articles I found about knitting and stress relief:
(now I just need to get my family, people at work, and my friends to read them so they stop looking at me to oddly when I knit! :) )
Knitting Reduces Stress, Article from the Rochester Knitting Guild in New York
Knitting for Stress Relief,
Knitting the Stress Away, Article from the University of Kansas
Knitting their way to relaxation, Article from the BBC News

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