Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Crash and Burn Day Back

So the morning I come back to the office after having over a week off for the holidays is a little weird. My desk is a mess after the hurried finishing up of projects BEFORE the holidays - not to mention the random diet coke can I found (I do not drink diet coke so this tells me someone else was sitting at my desk for a period of time while I was gone...hmmm?), the coffee pot was left on which leaves an awful mess but I wasn't here last week so it wasn't me and also I do not drink coffee, the recycling bins are overflowing - apparently I am the only one who knows how to empty the darn things - they were my idea so I guess it falls on me BUT if there are cans fall out of the bin you would think someone would step up...AND then come to find out that our brand new amazing printer is still not functioning properly....first it wouldn't print onto 100lb paper - so we had to haul someone out here to fix it a day or two before Christmas and NOW come to find out that it can pull 100lb paper through the bypass tray but that you cannot print 2up from the bypass tray - how marvelous. Arg! I may have to venture back out into the -12 wind chill day to Arvey's and buy some 70lb cardstock to see if our new printer accepts it or not. Blah! It feels like a Monday - but at least it is Wednesday and this week will be over soon enough.

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