Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer Pie Project

I know I post a lot of recipes on my Web Finds Wednesday posts - but really I don't bake or cook all that often to be honest (you're shocked and appalled I know!). I just like to save the recipes on my blog in case I get the itch to do so - but really - eh, not so much.

As many of you know, I am pregnant - and anyone who's been pregnant before or around pregnant women - you know that food is important. I mean, OBVIOUSLY, you gotta eat well to be healthy for both you and your baby, but what I am talking about is how your food tastes are altered and changed, etc because of all those crazy pregnancy hormones coursing through your system. Sometimes is hard to find anything that sounds remotely appealing to eat - other times you're so hungry that that old wedding favor full of stale nuts and chocolate that's been sitting in your car for at least 2 months sounds divine. Ha!

Lately, I live on watermelon, fruit in general, granola bars, starkist from Dairy Queen, and anything grilled and pizza - yum! I always tend to crave the one fruit that is out of season and hard to find (i.e. current craving is peaches and I've been to at least 5 grocery stores and cannot find fresh peaches or nectarines for the life of me!!). And the thought of sugary, sickeningly sweet canned fruit or icecream with fruit is huge turn-off. Icecream yes, but peach icecream no. And then random things you've always loved suddenly tastes terrible. I thought a batch of chili would be good this weekend with the cold temps - but could barely down my bowl - I love chili - stupid taste buds. And don't get me started on smells, I can smell someone's lunch from through 2 walls I am pretty sure! Sheesh!

But one thing that sounds particularly good to me lately is pie! Sweet tooth + fruit + crumbly topping and flaky crust = NOM!

 (not a pic of my pie, sadly I forgot to snap a pic before our party and both pies are gone!)

I've experimented lately with strawberry rhubarb cobber, and strawberry rhubarb pie (going to try it minus the cinnamon next time and I put a crumb topping on top instead of lattice pie crust) - but am thinking about joining this fun little project that the fabulous blogger over at Butter + Cream has in the works! Not that I need to be making and eating pies all summer - but I figure with all our family and friend cook-outs, reunions and our church small group that meets on Sunday nights - I can divy up the wares across everyone and not eat the whole pie myself!

Want to join the fun?? Here's a little blurb about it from the Butter + Cream blog:

So bakers/bloggers...  Anyone interested in a little summer pie project?  Maybe we have a pie assignment every couple weeks, and then blog and compare our experiences?   Shoot us an email at butterpluscream@gmail.com if you're interested!

Anyone going to join me?? :)

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