Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pretty Peony

We planted our first peony plant last year only to have it not bloom. :( But this year we were greatly rewarded - looks like we will have three blooms this year! The plant is still young and small but it is so nice to see the flowers! I walk out every day just to stop and smell the blossoms. :)

I ordered two more peonies from Spring Hill that just came in the mail - will need to get those in the ground here soon! But probably no blooms on those till next year either. They are white and pink or white and red - gorgeous!

It is so fun planting things I remember being in our yard growing up - so far I've been able to check off quite a few things off my list including - bleeding hearts, daffodils, rhubarb, peonies, snowball bush, mint and lilies.


Kellie said...

my wedding bouquet was white with pale pink edged fav! good for you girl!

Irrigation Systems said...

That is spectacular! Well done and thanks for sharing. What do you think you did better this year?

Stacy said...

I didn't do anything different - when I first planted it - it was a small plant - no buds. I think it was just too young to have big blossoms on it.

Rosemarie said...

I think peonies take time. I transplanted an old peony plant in my yard (in the shade from a previous owner, when there was sun there). The first year I got nothing. The 2nd year I got 1 flower. And this year I have about 10. It just needed to get re-established.

Aren't they lovely?

Blarney said...

Wonderful! I have red and white peonies around our house. Red are in the middle of their bloom right now and the white just started to kick into gear. If memory serves me I think it take up to 3 years before peonies really hit their stride.

becky said...

Your peonies are gorgeous! :)
My friend brought me a huge bouquet over of fushia and baby pink!