Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garage Sale Find of the Year! Matching bicycles!

My hubby and I have been on the hunt for new bikes for quite some time now. I was able to locate the bike I had when I was younger - but the  tires needed replaced, etc, etc and we did find a cheap mens bike with nice tires but with missing back brakes at a garage sale last year. But each bike ride was a tad stressful - especially since we would have to spend a good 20 minute airing up my tires first and there was the constant fear of a flat or some mishap resulting from the lack of brakes on his bike.

Well, we found an excellent set of matching bikes at a garage sale this weekend for $20 each (a set of new tires would be at least $30 alone for my bike) - great tires, great condition, both are matching maroon in a vintage style, both have a back bike rack on the back and each came with a little bag - one bag even has a little repair kit inside. They even came with a bike lock and chain! They sit up straighter so less strain on your back - great for both Matt and I and they are more built for just cruising around on the street - exactly our style!

We also purchased, for an additional $10, a car bike rack so we can take them with us on any trips - imagine just parking the car and then biking around to garage sales, or biking around Brown County - where-ever!

As soon as we got home we aired up the tires, packed our phones, keys, wallet, snacks and a drink (and a library book we had to take back) and headed off! An hour or so later and we already have 5 miles under our belt! We meandered around our community and even found out that we can easily bike to the nearest Dairy Queen! :) It is so fun and relaxing to peddle through town on a bike - you see things from such a different perspective than if you're in a car and you can obviously go farther, faster on a bike than just walking.

I have so many great childhood memories of peaceful evening bike rides with my family - exploring country roads, stopping and playing in creeks, watching the bats fly overhead - so much fun! I can't wait to share those kinds of memories with our soon-to-be expanding family!

So of course I have spent the evening (now that the sun finally went down and I was forced to come inside) browsing fun bicycle accessories - here's a few fun ones!
One of the things about bike rides that makes me feel bad is that we really can't take the dogs. Both pups get so exciting seeing us put on our shoes - thinking that we are going for a walk - that it breaks my heart leave them home while we go out. I am a little leery of this Walky Dog Bike Leash - I can just see Showbiz jerking and the bike going down. But this model is supposed to put the bike rider more in control - would fun to at least try it out! ($37.95) Takes paypal!

The Buddy Basket would work to tote around our smaller dog - Lola - and would work to carry books and things for days I don't bring her. It even has fun little side pockets and a little place to carry a water bottle! ($49.95 on Amazon)

This metal basket might work best. I can add a liner and even secure Lola's leash through the wire so she can't jump down and it would work for other things well - books, drink, snacks, etc. And at $20 - it is easier price to justify! From Chubby's Cruisers

A rearview mirror is almost a must when biking around busy streets. $7.99 from Chubby's Cruisers

Handle bar mounted water bottle cage. This would be nice! $5.25 from Chubby's Cruisers

As if, with my basket, I would really want to carry more! These grocery panniers would be awesome! $17.95 on amazon

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