Monday, May 10, 2010

It's a Girl!

We had another sneak peek of our little bundle of joy this morning at our second ultrasound! (We had our first one around 6 weeks because I was measuring small and they wanted to have a more accurate due date. And they did end up pushing my due date back two weeks). Anywho, my husband and I knew almost right away as the image of our baby starting flickering up on the screen - but several snapshots from the tech confirmed it - our little one is a girl! And a feisty one at that! She never did suck her thumb or anything while we were watching through the ultrasound but she started off the show with rearing back and giving me a swift kick. It was so mesmerizing to watch her move around - I could have sat and watched her all day. She obviously wasn't too happy about the ultrasound wand - she kept moving away from it. But she did sit still long enough two very sweet and adorable profile shots! Look at that little button nose!!

We have a couple of names picked out already - but aren't quite sure what one we're picking quite yet. It is funny, because when we first started out we thought we had our girl name set in stone, but like my amazing husband said to me last night - as we get to know her that name we had picked out just doesn't seem to fit or feel quite right rolling off our tongues. It is weird to say that, because obviously we haven't held her or met her in person yet - it is hard to explain - maybe all my fellow mommy bloggers understand what I'm trying to say...

Another funny thing about the ultrasound is this foot pic. My husband and I are notorious about our feet photos - we took a picture of our feet on our wedding day, took pictures of our sandy feet on our vacations, etc. The tech had no clue about these feet pics, but look what wound up on our print outs. :)


Thimbleanna said...

Oh, you're so lucky! Congratulations -- now you must get busy with the girly prep!!!

Rosemarie said...

Yeah a Girl!!!

Ok, now I'm jealous because our baby was so jumpy that we never got that great profile shot. But we did get a foot shot (and what a big foot it was! I have it posted on my garden blog).

Anyway, I'm so thrilled for you both.

PS - love the green shoes in the last photo.