Monday, May 17, 2010

HTC Incredible Review

Haven't had many phones to review here lately - been a little preoccupied with all this baby business and, honestly,  I know I can't get a new phone until my New-Every-Two is up in October of 2011! So, the idea of playing around with cool phones that in the end I can't have until a year from now is just a bit of a bummer.

But for the reader's sake and for everyone else out there who IS in the market for a new phone, I have to give props to the HTC Incredible. I had the opportunity to review the HTC Incredible from Verizon and while I was expecting another Droid-like phone - I was honestly blown away.

The Incredible is truly that- incredible. The processing and internet is insanely fast, the ease of use is remarkable, the Android Market of apps is ever appealing and the little weather icon on the front screen - makes my knees weak! I was able to set up the phone to my gmail and facebook in under 3 minutes - it was that easy people - very user friendly! I love how effortless the Incredible synced my contacts and calendar with gmail - what a dream! The phone feels sleek and slim in your hand - very unlike the dead weight of the Droid - this phone is very lightweight and cool.

With every new phone out there you do have a few shortfalls - but with the Incredible it is really slim pickings trying to find something not to like. I did notice that when put to full-use - browsing the web, checking email and facebook, etc the battery is dead in a day. The screen has amazing touch screen technology unlike that of any other phone I have come across - but it does smudge up pretty bad. Either that or it had a run in with my lip gloss in my purse - but the smears just would not come off! Other than that - this phone is a keeper! [insert huge, huffy pout about how I can't have one until 2011 here - boo!]


Dave Gerber said...

So why no handsfree Bluetooth dialing. Seems like a deal killer to me

android apps developers LA said...

HTC Incredible is awesome smartphone. I have this phone, I like the AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and the internal memory of 8GB storage.