Saturday, May 8, 2010

Outside Inspirations

What with the new deck my hubby and his dad are putting in this weekend, my mind is all full of lovely outdoor inspiration ideas!! 

From Coastal Living

And gotta throw some indoor ideas in there too!


Julio Wells said...

These photos were all fascinating to look at. They make me want to renovate my own deck right away and come up with one that will look like these. Haha! I like the third photo, and I have a feeling that my wife will fall in love with that too. She loves blue and the deck was simply gorgeous. It's so cozy and refreshing too.

Dennis Phillips said...

These lovely outdoor deck inspirations will surely encourage you to come up with your own magnificent deck idea. I wonder about the current look of your deck. Is it as stunning as the photos above? Well, it should be! Hehehe!
Dennis Phillips @ Schafer Construction, Inc.