Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Web Finds Wednesday!

How-To Tiny Delicate Tissue Flowers

Watermelon Cooler Punch

Garden Sliders
(recipe to use up some of our squash and cucumbers!)

Peanut Butter Popcorn

Sweet Basil Lemonade


TMC said...

Peanut. Butter. Popcorn???


Momma Val said...

Hey, those garden sliders sound REALLY good! The PB popcorn does too. I love basil and lemonade but have never thought to put them together. Thanks for more awesome WFW :)

Stacy said...

TMC - LOL, yeah, PB and popcorn sounds just scrumptious. Have you ever had marshmallow and peppermint popcorn? That is good stuff too...maybe have to go look up the recipe!

Momma Val - I know I was surprised about the garden sliders! Haven't tried them yet though!