Sunday, July 26, 2009


Know what I hate? Feeling crummy.

Kinda feel that way now, just had a long day of driving. Tried to make it up north for another family reunion, this one was on my dad's side.

Problem was that the hubby didn't have the day off, he was going to ask for it off but somehow he has next Sunday off and not this Sunday. So, it was either leave him here or do all the driving myself while he slept.

We opted for the sleep and drive, though next time I may just leave him here because it is just too stressful to worry about getting back at a certain time, especially when it is a 2.5 hour drive.

And driving in silence is not fun - unless you are reading, which you can't do if you are the driver. So, Mrs. Chatty-in-the-Car had to be quiet and that got me all in a wide-eyed driving-forever trance that I just could not shake off. I mean the radio was on and all - but it is just weird making it a point not to talk to the person next to you because you know they need their sleep. I kept catching myself almost saying something every 20 minutes...sigh. :(

Then, of course, I was less than pleasurable to be around once we got there - in fact, my hubby and I were both quite sticks-in-the-mud. Sigh. I think knowing that we could only stay until 2:3oPM tops when we just arrived at 11:30 kinda made us all anxious, aloof and grumpy.

Felt like I let everyone down... :(


Matt's Miscellany said...


I found a stray cat at work. He's a black and white tabby. I tried to rescue him for our collection of YUM Brand felines, but he's pretty wild and wouldn't come out from under our shed. I just left him some steak and water.

He's just a little guy. I've named him snack.

Stacy said...

A kitten?! Uh-oh!

Momma Val said...

Well, it will make you seem that much more fabulous next time they all see you. I hear ya about the not talking. When my hubby comes home at 12 or 1 and wakes me up with his noisy self, I am usually up and hard to get back to sleep. Then I am all chatty about any old thing I can think of and he is just dead tired and keeps saying, "Honey, I need to go to sleep." Major bummer when you are on different pages conversation-wise."