Thursday, July 9, 2009

Outdoor Dining Necessity

Been looking for one of these nifty food screens for awhile now that we have our outdoor table up and going for the most part. Hubby is making benches and we still need an umbrella...but we've already used it twice to eat outside! With outdoor dining tho, comes bugs...which is where wanting these cut little food covers comes in.

I SWEAR I saw them a few weeks ago at Walmart or somewhere, but OF COURSE now that I want some I can't find them anywhere.

I did manage to snag one for $2 at my favorite antique store - isn't it festive?!

If you all know where to find more please, please, PULEEZE let me know!!


Joanna said...

What a fine! This is so cute. I think I've seen much-less-cute food screens at Target.

trek said...

Great idea (esp for buffet-style picnics) - though, sad to say, I've never seen them before now.

Momma Val said...

I think I have seen collapsible ones at the dollar store? Not nearly as cute but will do the job and easy to store for winter.

Fawn said...

I saw some screens at Cost Plus last year. Although they were not this cute, I'm sure you can jazz 'em up!

Kellie said...

cute! try Christmas Tree Shops! good luck!~