Sunday, July 12, 2009

Long Post about a Toothbrush. Brace Yourselves. :)

Matt and I had our 6 month dental cleaning yesterday morning - yeah, I know, Saturday mornings and dental appts don't really mesh - but I would rather get up early on a Saturday than use any more of my vacation time at work to have my teeth poked at.

I do love my dentist - A New Smile, they are so friendly and chipper - gentle with the pokers and make you feel good about your dental hygiene.

We've been to a few bad ones over the years - ones who shove $3,000 dental plans in your face to fix minor surface staining - dentists who insisted we were going to get periodontist disease - made me feel like I was some sort of sugar huffing, non-teeth brushing scum bag - yeah, will NEVER go back to them needless to say. LOL.

Our appts went good - got a clean slate of dental health! Though I do always brush too hard which causes AWFUL sensitive areas on my teeth. Been looking into sonic rechargeable toothbrushes for awhile now - they are clinically proven to be 1,000 times more effective than a regular toothbrush AND it turns off if you brush too hard.

I don't even realize that I am brushing too hard - it must be ingrained now because I just don't notice that I am doing it. I think my subconscience associates brushing hard with getting my teeth REALLY clean. Who knows?

Anyways, got to chatting it up with the lady cleaning my teeth - you know, the kind of chatting that requires just minimal throaty uh-huh's and oh's and mmm hmm's from the patient and the occassional brief sentence or two after you've been allowed to spit into the suction thing. But anyways, we got to talking because she hit a sensitive spot with the metal thing and I just about cried and she mentioned how I might brush too hard and I garbled a yes and pointed at the Sonicare Toothbrush display that was conveniently located near my head and managed to mumble how we had been looking at them.

She said they sold them right there at the office, about how it was a good investment and about how we would only have to buy one because they have color coded little brush heads that snap off and get cleaned every time in a UV sanitizer.

This got me thinking...because anything from the dentist I can put on our medical card...can't do that at Meijer...and about how we ALMOST bought each other one last year for yeah, we came home with one. :)

Couldn't go and use it right away though because we had that new waxy fluoride that has to sit all unpleasant-like on your teeth for at least 5 hours before you brush. And when I talked about going home and using it, the lady that was checking us out said not to use it until tomorrow...sigh. Must be pretty powerful if it would clean off all the fluoride they just put on.

Wow, long post about a tooth brush. LOL. Sorry guys, but, yeah, I am THAT jazzed up about it!


Sarah said...

Oooh! We have an Oral-B which has really been great. It means so much less scraping during dentist visits. However, I still get scolded for brushing too hard, which makes the model you mention sound tempting since our current contraption is on its last legs!

Momma Val said...

Oh, that sounds like a great toothbrush. I have NEVER had an electric toothbrush but hear good things about them from the people I know that have them. You will have to post a review after you use it for awhile. I am interested.

I too brush way too hard. My toothbrush is a soft but after a few weeks it gets all mashed down on one side and deep teeth gouges on the other side. Yah, I really go to town too :) Sad thing is that I was a dental assistant in college and am good friends with everyone at the same office and still go there. So I know all about hard brushing and how bad it is but I too feel that my teeth just aren't as clean if I brush softly. Then too, I for years when I was a DA saw all kinds of scum and crap come out of people's teeth who I'm sure brushed but just did not get thorough enough. I am a serious flosser too. My 2yo son watches with a wince on his face when I floss around him. lol

OK long comment, sorry again Stacy. I know I get wordy. Thanks for the post :)

trek said...

We've been using our Sonicares for a few years now and love them. We had a sanitizer for a bit but found that it was way too fragile.