Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wasted Warm Weather

Pretty sure my husband and I wasted a perfectly good, unusually warm Saturday to do nothing but nap.

Well, we did make it out of the house to peruse JoAnn's (I've got my eye on a spring wreath), checked out the new store in town - The Christmas Tree Shoppe - which, by the way, is nothing like the Christmas tree in sight - just tons of marvelous goodies! I could have walked out with a cartload - but, alas, I was able to restrain myself and didn't buy a single thing - a miracle really!

We lunched at my old favorite - Burger King - love their flame-broiled burgers - treated ourselves to one of their slushie/frozen what-ever drinks. Word to the wise - don't do the mixed version - just stick with either the cola or the cherry - never both - yuck.

Walked through Lowes and gazed lovingly at all the trees, patio furniture, bulbs, lumber for my new garden boxes, bags of fertilizer and weed killer. Again, didn't buy anything - but we sure are itching for spring. I want to plant asparagus, potatoes, garlic, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin, peas, carrots, lettuce, radishes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, dahlias, bleeding hearts, a magnolia tree, a pussy willow tree, black eyed susans, purple coneflowers, cucumbers, squash, gourds, watermelon,, I think that's it. :)!

Still no blooms on the crocus - and no sightings of my other blulbs (daffodils and tulips) I checked.

But other than a brief looksy around the yard and a little time shopping, we spent most of the day napping. At least the windows were open in the house - so even if we didn't spent a lot of time outside enjoying the warm weather - we did let the warm breezes in. That counts right??

I had all these plans for Starbucks or Dairy Queen and a walk in the park with the dogs - maybe trying out our new wine/picnic kit- but we were so tired that we came home and knocked out from 1PM to 4!! And of course, the hubby has to work tonight - so if I want to run around to the park or otherwise I have to wrangle the dogs on my own. :(

We may take a stroll around the neighborhood though before it gets dark.

Anybody get out there to actually enjoy this weather?? Tell me what you did!!


Momma Val said...

Cold and rainy with thunder here all day. LB and I ventured out to Walgreens to get cough medicine. Hubby had to work, left at 2pm. Had to birthday lunch for my mom at Adobo Grill which we had to skip cause of sick me and sick boy. Bah! Least you got nice weather and out to a few stores and lunch to relax. I so know how you feel about seeing all the new yard and garden things at the store. Just a little longer . . . . .

MeganSloan said...

We wasted the day too. We had an 8 hour child birth class. We didn't learn anything new. But we did it, so now we can please the doctors. We were going to check out a new hardware store in town but they aren't open yet. So we ate some ice cream on an outdoor patio. It didn't make up for the 8 hours of missing the good weather (as it started to get cold and rainy). I hope your flowers bloom soon! I've seen so many nice ones at Home Depot... I could have bought them all just to have color in my front yard!

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

A nap - good for you! I worked in the yard after taking the kids on a bike ride.

Electronic Goose said...

A nap isn't wasted--that's heaven! :) I know, it was so nice out ... maybe you should have napped outside. I always get pissed at myself if I forget to open the windows on a nice day!

We walked downtown and took Bean to her first toy store, which she looovvved despite not having a nap. We were sick but it was 60 and mostly cloudy out--I love the first day of nice weather after winter!