Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Squinty McSquintytins

Now I know these aren't the most flattering images of my precious pup - but my Lola has an eye problem! :(

I am crossing my fingers that is just allergies or a minor irritation. She's been squinting and pawing at her eye and it has just developed in the last 24 hours. And it's watering a lot.

We did go for two long walks in the last couple of warm weather days - so hopefully I can chaulk it up to something like allergies. I don't think there is anything in it because she lets me poke around at it and she never uttered a peep - and she is my baby-dog so if it did hurt she would let me know - believe me. I can hardly pull burrs out of her fur without her yelping like I am poking her with a red hot iron or something. Silly dog.

When she woke up this morning it seemed to be a lot better - no more pawing and just the hint of a squint and a lot less watering.

But if it isn't better by tonight - she's going in for a looksy at the vet.

My poor squinty pup!


Sarah Pead said...

Poor Lola! She looks so sad with that squinty eye. I hope she gets better.

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Momma Val said...

Awww! Poor thing. If it's any consolation our dog has an infection around his mouth. The vet said it's because the way he slobbers and his lips are shaped. I don't buy it though because he hasn't had it until the last year and he's almost 6 years old. We take him to the groomer and I think they can catch stuff there from the other dogs and grooming equipment. Hope your little Lola feels better soon! That picture of Sarah Pead looks a bit like Jenny McCarthy, don't ya think?

Electronic Goose said...

Awww, poor doggie. One of my dogs gets bad allergies every spring and fall, and scratches a lot at her face and gets watery eyes but they don't close up like that ...

WYA! said...

You puppy is still cute- even squinting. I hope it is something minor- I know how it is when the furry little ones don't feel good. Our Pomeranian is like a daughter to us and when she doesn't feel good- nobody feels good.

Stacy said...

Sarah - Yes, she definitely hammed it up for the picture! Thank goodness she was better when I got home from work today! I was really worried for a second.

Your giveaway is awesome - I will post something about it soon!

Momma Val - Yeah, I kinda hesitate about going to vet because it always ends up costing so much. $45 for the visit, plus whatever medications, etc, etc. I have a two day rule - if it doesn't get better in two days - they gotta go in.

Electronic Goose - It was allergies I think because it cleared up after a good 24/72 hours and she didn't seem to be in pain - just irritated - like it was itchy.

WYA- Poms are cute!! And yes it is very stressful - they can't tell you what they are feeling so it doubles the worry.

Kira said...

I hope your little baby is ok!