Saturday, March 28, 2009

Garage Sale Season Is Here!

The husband and I had originally planned a long weekend of yard work for this last weekend of March. We want to put two more trees in the front yard, plant 4 bushes and get my new garden box moved out of the garage into the backyard.

But, as many of you fellow Hoosiers can attest, our spring weather decided to go on a vacation for a bit. We even have snow in the forecast for Sunday. Bleck!

So today was a rather lazy Saturday for us. We browsed a garage sale, ate at Panera (potato soup - yum!), poked around at Barnes and Nobles and then went back to the garage for this lovely wine rack!

We need to scoot our "Q" sign over a bit - but doesn't it look great?? And for $35 - not too bad of a deal!