Friday, March 6, 2009

Just A Little Update

Just to give you all a little update...

1. I've fallen off the bus. Yup, during those frigid below-zero temps we had this winter I stopped riding the bus to work (i.e. no more 4 block walks to work and 30+ minute waits on the curb). Maybe I am a fair weather bus rider. But I am not ashamed - I am quite happy toasting my bum on my heated leather seats for awhile. I do miss reading on the bus though - but that is about it.

Yet, there's a new bus in town - so I may give it a go and see from there...

Just feeling - eh, about the whole idea.

2. I CANNOT WAIT FOR SPRING! Sorry, for the outburst, but REEEEAAALLLY cannot wait. I am already prodding the hubby to build more garden boxes in lieu of my April 1st plant date! And I'm already out pacing the yard much to the neighbors' amusement I am sure. In the last hours of daylight after I get home from work you can find me stooped over outside eyeing all my flower beds in search some signs of growth - usually with camera in hand. (found rhubarb and crocus so far!!)

3. Haven't been doing a lot of fun things lately - so nothing good to post about. It is a weird time of year, doesn't seem to be a lot going on as far as fun, free events. Maybe I am just too busy to look at the moment...either!


Momma Val said...

Bummer about the bus. Although, I understand completely. I used to ride it downtown Chicago for school. It was quite possibly one of the most disgusting experiences I'v ever had. Sooooooooo, filthy and smelly. Then the year AFTER I left the school starting paying for the bus. Agh! If I sisn't have the money on that day on school, I'd have to hoof it. With my enormous portfolio acting as a sale through the loop.

I SOOOOOOOOO WANT SPRING TOOOOOOOOOOOO! Let's outburst together. We have been sick, sick, sick, at our house. Then if it's cold out, it's torture. The weather has been quite pleasant over here and we have been able to go walking or in the yard, sick germs and all.

Not too much exciting going on over here either, don't feel bad. I feel like we are on the verge of the zoo, arboretum, park, parades, prairie path, etc. This is really the toughest time of year though isn't it?

Electronic Goose said...

1. I too thoroughly enjoy my book read during my bus ride. But waiting out in the cold--especially with Bean--is NOT fun. Try again come spring!
2. ME TOO. SPRING!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!?! I'm sick too, Mama Val!
3. Me too, again!

Stacy said...

Momma Val - Yeah the cons definitely outweigh the pros when it comes the bus right now. :(

Maybe if we all outburst together spring will come quicker!! Maybe...

We had an unusually warm day today - which sucks because it's just a teaser - it will get cold again in a few days. Bummer.

I do hope fun things are on their way! For both our sakes!!

Electronic Goose - I don't think I've managed to read a book cover to cover since I stopped riding the bus in December - it's sad.

I couldn't imagine trying to ride the bus with a little one...I already carry so much the way it is!

Hope you and Momma Val and all your families feel better soon! Cross my fingers, knock on wood and every other superstitious thing I can do but we haven't gotten any of the bugs going around. Thank goodness! I don't have the energy to be sick and work and everything...