Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring 2009!

Manged to overcome my sinus woes and celebrated the first day of spring right - see what I did? There are now 4 large holes in our walkway garden bed where huge hostas used to be. The hostas weren't really loving this spot, in the summer, they get blasted with afternoon sun and the heat off the bricks - the leaves get brown on all the edges. So, I widened our hibiscus flower bed in the backyard and transplanted the hostas there and then took the left over dirt and put it my garden box.

Oh, and check the first great sunset of spring!!

Now I got to figure out what to put in those four large holes. I am thinking peonys, hydrangeas or lilacs....something that can handle west facing, afternoon sunlight and the heat off the brick.

Any suggestions from all you garden blogger experts??


Electronic Goose said...

Happy spring!

Momma Val said...

Ooh, is it really? Thanks for the reminder. I completely forgot look forward to it every year with great anticipation. As for the holes, not sure what to tell you but if it's typically a dry little flower box I would skip the hydrangeas then our lilac near our front walk doesn't do well, I think it gets lots of snow dumped on it and then salt from winter and salting the front walk so it lives but does not thrive. Not sure, think you will have to experiment. Oh, my inlaws planted holly bush's in their front and they stay green all winter and do quite well. I think they even get berries that the birds love in the cold weather. Just a thought, not nearly as interesting as flowers but pretty all year. Good luck!

Stacy said...

Yup - and only 91 more days till summer!! :)

Thimbleanna said...

I have hydrangeas on my west facing wall and they seem to like the sun. In all fairness though, mine is brick mixed with windows and I do have some trees, so they get some shade. I think hydrangeas like a lot of water too (at least mine do) so that's probably something to consider too.