Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bulbs For the Garden

Sorry for the premature post there - hit the ENTER key on accident. LOVE when that happens - not!

Anyways, last night I made it out to the "Bulbs For the Garden" program held at the Mooresville Library and taught by the Morgan County Master Gardener's Association. Learned all sorts of things about bulbs - like the many different kinds (bulbs, corms, rhizomes, tubers and tuberous roots) and how to decipher which bulbs are hardy and which are tender and what that means to me (tender I have to pull up and store inside each winter and hardy I can leave in the ground). It was all very interesting!

The only fee was for materials but I didn't see anything that caught my eye (I already have a pretty lengthly list of things I want to plant this year) - but I did learn a lot!

For more classes and events visit the Mooresville Library website at

And being the good blogger I am, I shot some photos while in class, though it was much to the discomfort of my fellow classmates. Got eyeballed even after I put the camera away. :)


Momma Val said...

Cool, I'm guessing you opted for the bulb activity rather than the work function? Probably what I'd pick too. Looks very interesting, did you get any bulbs?

Electronic Goose said...

Fun! Oh and I hate when people give you the evil eye for taking pics. :(

Stacy said...

Momma Val - No bulbs, they really just brought things you could find at Lowes - and I didn't really want any of them. LOL. Now if they were free...maybe - but they weren't

Electronic Goose - It was fun! And yes, I have a photo-taking problem - am a little addicted!

tina said...

Good info. I am teaching a bulb class next spring. Never thought of telling them the different types. I can understand your classmates discomfort.

Stacy said...

Tina - It was interesting to learn!

And there was someone from the Master Gardener program already there taking pictures, so I think they were more or less wondering who I was and why I would want to take pics.