Friday, March 27, 2009

Country Living Magazine Subscription Scam

Ok, so Country Living - nice ideas - TERRIBLE customer service. Let me start by saying that I never intended to sign up for the magazine - I am on their free email newsletter list and must have clicked on something because all of a sudden I started getting an invoice in the mail.

Considering I did not want the magazine - I ignored the invoice. Let me note that there is NO phone number listed or a check box to indicate you are not interested in the subscription ANYWHERE on the invoice.

Also note that we have never even received one issue. Ever.

Over time (a month or two) our supposed "account" was sent to a collections department and finally a phone number was listed on a letter we got in the mail.

My husband called the number and was rudely informed that we were obligated to pay for the subscription - even if we didn't want it, did not intend to ask for it and even though we had not received a single issue and were not interested in receiving ANY issues.

I hope Country Living tanks like every other magazine that is going under right now.

I cannot believe they would stoop to such tactics to get one measly subscription.

Throughly miffed. And will promptly cancel both my email subscription and my supposed "magazine subscription" that I was so nicely forced into.

Why couldn't they cancel the invoice? I didn't want the magazine and wasn't receiving the magazine. Why force me into a $12 year long subscription by threatening me with collection letters and a collection department?

Because now, dear Country Living, I hate you. I cannot stand you. I cannot see past the wrong you've done me - no matter how charming your spreads and ideas.

Nope, now I am going to tell all my friends and readers how awful you are - and I may just burn every issue you send me without even taking a peek.

Yup, that is right - I would rather burn $12 of my hard earned money than read your crummy magazine.

So instead of a satisfied customer - you now have one pissed off subscriber. Was that your plan?



Momma Val said...

OMG, that really sucks. I like that magazine too. I sometimes pick it up at the grocery store. Unfortunately, it seems that trickery and scammery is the way so many companies do business today, trapping people into paying for their product. I am sorry that you got into this situation, though I think I may have seen red flags when they first sent me the invoice. I completely don't blame you AT ALL! I will not be buying this magazine anymore after reading this. I had a subscription to Home Companion and it just went under after it expired. The magazine business is doing really horribly though I am grateful that they never scammed me in any way with my subscription. Sorry :(

Sarah Pead said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe they would do such a thing! That's just completely ridiculous.

trek said...

I really don't believe you are obligated to pay. They can't force you to pay for something which they have not provided.

clark said...

I am going thru the same situation. I recieved a collection notice and argued with their customer service department before just giving in and paying the bill. Now I recieve the magazine and cannot stop it from being delivered. When I do actuallt get thru to a person, they say I am not on their mailing list and I do not have a subscription, but yet the magazine is still delivered. HELP!

Elizabeth Marshall said...

I am wondering if you ever got this resolved because I just got an invoice in the mail and an e-mail from this company after NEVER subscribing or receiving a magazine. I called but their customer service office is closed today, so I sent them a very cross e-mail. They can't charge me for something without my knowledge or consent, so I threatened to take it up with the Better Business Bureau if they do not cancel my balance. Hopefully, they will back off.

Dave said...

These horrible people were sending my parent's their cheesy pos magazine. My mom got a renewal notice in January and called to cancel it. Because they wanted $149.00 for this pos magazine! In February I audited my parent's Visa statement in order to help my mom out. My dad died suddenly at the beginning of February. Well, can you believe it, there was a charge from this horrible company on my parent's Visa statement for $149.00! I called and spoke to a nice lady who said she would cancel the subscription and would also refund the charge. I thought, "maybe these people aren't so bad afterall." I audited my mom's March Visa statement and sure enough the charge was credited. Today, my mom got a threatening call from a horrible woman named Michelle Baldwin who threatened my mother with collection if she didn't pay this charge. My sister, who was visiting my mom gave the horrible Michelle my cell phone number. The awful and evil Michelle called me on my cell phone and told me we had to pay for the magazine. She wanted $139.00. I told her to go to hell. She then told me the matter would be turned over to a collection agency. I don't really think my 81 year old mother cares about her FICO score. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and on Monday I am calling Hearst Publishing and tell them where to go. I am also filing a complaint with the BBB and our state attorney general. Dirty horrible awful people.