Saturday, January 3, 2009

Starting Off the 2009 Scrabble Playing Season with Style

In addition to finding my official scent for 2009 - I also have found the perfect the thing to rekindle my passion for Scrabble. I think I was beat one too many times in the latter part of 08 and became a little bummed. However, after finding this nifty little Scrabble Score & Tile Tracker book at Barnes & Nobles - I am excited to start the 2009 playing season!

It has the pocket word lists I oh-so-love. Three letter word with a Q and no U?? Oh yeah, I know it! :)

Also, has a diagram on each score sheet so you can record the whole came and to go back and analyze the moves. Fun! Now I can see what went wrong or right in each game!

Tried it out on Matt when we got home from the mall (so maybe I was a little hopped on on that perfume) but I have officially broken my losing streak and beat him 337 to 271!

He was really quite the opponent tonight pulling out words like QAT, EXERT and snatching up quite a few double and triple letter word scores!


TMC said...

Love Scrabble! Suck at it, but love it. :)

Kira's Cottage Christian Store said...

OMG! I love Scrabble! I haven't played for awhile, but I always get so mad becuase my hubby always beats me!

BerryBird said...

That book sounds mighty helpful. My husband and I play Scrabble sometimes, but I tend to get frustrated with how often I'll draw either 6-7 vowels or 6-7 consonants, because it's impossible to make good words and the board gets all boxed in with tiny words.

My favorite word game is Boggle, Big Boggle to be more specific. The board is 5x5, with a minimum playable word size of 4 letters. I like it better, because (in my mind) it levels the playing field, since everyone has the same letters to work with. My husband would disagree though -- he beats me much more often at Scrabble than Boggle.

Stacy said...

TMC - It has always been my favorite game, though I have my ups and downs with it. :)

Kira's Cottage - Isn't it the best?! I think I am going to start an informal scrabble tournament. Having everyone who comes to dinner at our house play - if they like Scrabble of course! And I have enough games (1 travel and 2 large boards) that I could keep one the car for emergencies! :)

Berry Bird - It is! Though Matt insists it is a little too indepth for him. It requires recording the tiles you have on each move, so the score keeper and everyone else playing will know what letters you have. I had all the U's in this game - all four! It was frustrating but I got rid of them - slowly!

We don't have Boggle at home - but I think I've played before and like it!