Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Resolutions/Goals

  1. Finally get myself baptized :)

  2. Cook More

  3. Make a Quilt

  4. Build a Cold Frame & add two more garden boxes

  5. Spend more time with family (we want to make plans for each month of the year)
    (anyone up for dinner at
    Abe's Pizza sometime soon or a wine tasting at Whyte Horse?)

  6. Spend more time with friends
    (coffee, wine tastings, dog walks, apple orchard, you name it)

  7. Join another professional association

  8. Submit work for an award or two

  9. Update my portfolio more regularly

  10. Travel (more sand between my toes in 2009 please!)


Rosemarie said...

I think those sound like some excellent goals for 2009. Hope you do them all!

Momma Val said...

These are great resolutions. It has inspired me to post my resolutions too. I feel so private that I didn't want to share, until now. Thanks!

Stacy said...

Rosemarie - Thanks, me too!

Momma Val - Can't wait to read your resolutions - glad I was of some inspiration! :)