Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ming Bling & Lilly Garden Walk

One of my favorite places to visit is the Indianapolis Museum of Art. There is always so much to do! Several floors of galleries (with something new and exciting every time!) and there's the Oldfield-Lilly House & Gardens (26-acres to explore!) - and a pretty awesome greenhouse!

Matt and I made it out last weekend and caught the Power & Glory Ming Dynasty exhibition (compliments of IndyKari - thank you!). Weren't really allowed to have cameras in the special exhibit (bummer!) so I can't really show you anything (check out info and pics of the pieces in the gallery online!) but I made up for it with a crazy amount of pics from our stroll through the gardens! (View them all on Facebook or Flickr)

The Ming exhibit was cool! A little packed since we went on a closing weekend I think. Couldn't really read the plaques like I wanted to - there were so many people wanting to scoot in and see that you just had to keep moving. It was AMAZING though - to think that such exquisite artwork, jewerly and design was made so long ago and survived to tell part of the Ming story.

Will make sure to make it to earlier when we decide to make it out to a special exhibit next time though - I like time to gaze and read and think. :)


BerryBird said...

That sound like a great day! I could hours wandering the greenhouse and gardens alone, and of course the ancient art sounds amazing.

Stacy said...

The gardens and greenhouse are definitely my favorite (more so than the museum even!)