Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Bed for Biz

Showbiz, though a tad bit bigger than Lola our Chihuahua, is just as much of a snuggle bug. Turn your back for one second and she's trying to curl up on the bed or ottoman. If there's a blanket or pillow on the floor - she's on it or under it. If our space heater is on - she will park herself 1 inch away from the blast of heat.

With the holidays over and my Christmas crafts put to rest my sewing machine and knitting needles are going cold. Sometimes you just get the urge to craft and Friday night was one of those nights, so I whipped up a snuggly-soft dog bed for her using my sewing machine, a fleece remnant and stuffing from an old body pillow we've had forever. And wallah! Pillow of perfect - it has all the smells of an old pillow (she prefers OUR pillows over anything we buy her) but is actually for her. Tricky tricky. As you can see she's taken right to it! :)


notes from the ordinary said...

Hi Stacy,

First of all, cute dog! The dog bed is rocking!

Second I am just so happy that someone out in cyberspace read what I wrote. Thank you. You made my day


MeganSloan said...

Awww, she looks so happy! I've been meaning to make my big dog a new bed. He's so large that buying a bed would be close to $100 for anything worthwhile, so I want to make him one! But I'm not lucky enough to own my own sewing machine.... so I'm thinking fleece tied together like those blankets that are super popular. And then stuff it full of all his old bedding and random old pillows!

My little dog reminds me of your dog. She even curled up in the cats bed the other day!

Nadine said...

Well played! And creative.

Electronic Goose said...

So adorable!

Sarah said...

I have a project just like this on my list! Love yours and your puppy looks so happy...

Momma Val said...

Awww! But our dog is so smelly we'd need a completely washable one. Like a giant dog bed pillow case or something. This is very cool. Biz seems to like it. Funny how they like to lay on stuff that most likely smells like us? Our dog prefers my side of the bed. Hmmm, maybe I smell better to him? or just worse in general? Ha! Keep up the good work. If you run across a pattern for pillowcases for throw pillows with a flap closure, holler. I'd love to do business with you :)

LeAnn said...

A friend had a cat once that wouldn't move away from the space heater. It would loose it's hair b/c it just got way to hot. bald cat butt IS NOT PRETTY! I'm glad your dog is smarter. Cute bed & and even cutter dog, want kind is she?

Stacy said...

Miriam - Thank you! It's terrible because she KNOWS she cute! :) Glad I could make your day!

Megan - The fleece tied pillow sounds like a great idea! Be sure to post about it when you make it - I would love to see the finished product!

Nadine - Thank you!

Electronic Goose - Isn't she though?!

Sarah - Can't wait to see it on your blog!

Momma Val - Yay, the idea that it might need to be washable crossed my mind when I was making it, but I think if it HAD to be washed it would survive - just need a little fluffing afterwards maybe.

Leann - She's a sharpei chow mix - we think! She came from the humane society so lord-knows what breeds she is really made up of!