Thursday, January 22, 2009

Indecisive Shopper I Am

I admit I am an awfully indecisive shopper - ask my poor husband who has been dragged into my exhaustive shopping process on many an occasion. It doesn't matter if it's online shopping or actual in-the-store shopping. Doesn't matter if it's clothes, furniture or whatever. And it doesn't happen all the time - just often enough.

Anyways, I tote my lunch to work everyday, usually in a bright fushia tote. I bought the largest one at the time and stuff it full of snacks and things to get me through the day - which is quite a bit of stuff. Usually people mistake it for my purse - which is terrible because it would be a hideous purse.

My current lunch tote looks exactly like the pic above - but in a fushia, purply-pink color.

Well, this tote is edging on 3 years old now and is getting rather ragged - still pretty good shape considering all the abuse it's suffered being dragged, dropped and stuffed to the gills with all sorts of tupperware, fruit and water bottles. It is washable and cleans up fairly well - but it's just getting worn.

I've seen tiffens before - and was instantly intrigued but never more so than when I found a website that packaged them together with a trendy carrying AND utensil case.

Just look at it - gorgeous! So, what's stopping me from just making the purchase? I dunno - my husband asked me if I'd use it - hrrump I say to that! Of course I would use it! Wouldn't I? :| I know I would still occassionaly use my old lunch tote - but I think it's time to upgrade a little and keep the old one as a backup.

So, trusty readers, what do you think? Is it too bulky, cumbersome - what do you think?


Kira's Cottage Christian Store said...

I like it. I say go for it!

TMC said...

love love love the to-go ware.

Momma Val said...

It's very cute but turned down one my sister offered me. I didn't think I could make my foods conform to the little containers that it comes with. That's me though. I so often have to throw in Little Buddy's sippy, maybe a juicebox, and his snack cups which are in actual cups so they fit in the cup holders of the car, stroller, etc. It's cute though. Maybe your foods are a little more flexible??? I saw a cool one at Fruitful Yields I want to get comes with a bunch of little containers which can be left out and are several different sizes. Love the looks of it, think it's called lunchopolis??? Oh, and I HAVE TO HAVE a shoulder strap on whatever I buy for lunches/snacks.

LeAnn said...

OK it's cute but how much room is there? You said "stuffed to the gills" Maybe it's me I don't see much room for gills. On the + side a shoulder trap would be great to keep hands free. I tend to be an indecisive luncher. I never know if I'd rather have the fruit cup, carrots, or banana so I take all 3 then what I didn't eat would go in the drawer to the nexttime. Hope this helps.

Stacy said...

Love all the help everyone - thank you! :)

I don't think the picture does the size of the tiffen justice. The website says its dimensions are:

Diameter: 5 5/8”
Assembled Height: 7 ¾” (can that be right - seems like it should be 9 inches tall...hmm??)

My old tote was: W 13.5" x H 13.5" x D 7"

But I'm thinking that if I can ditch all the tupperware pieces that everything would fit - maybe.

Each day I normally pack breakfast - usually a packet of oatmeal or a toaster strudel...this could be paired in the same tin as my afternoon snack - usually a piece of fruit, dry cereal or chips.

Lunch is usually leftovers (soup, casserole, whatever)- that would go in the top tin by itself.

Then I have a third tin to put my veggies, yogurt cup and whatever side item I brought for lunch...

Still debating, still debating!

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

It's adorable but you could always make one. ;) I identify with you on the indecision - I need to replace my dryer and am driving the salespeople bonkers with questions.

Thimbleanna said...

OhmyGosh!!! I think those are the cutest little lunch buckets ever. They remind me of the little prarie tin lunch buckets, but in a 21st century sort of way. I think these would make awesome gifts -- I'd just buy the insides and make bags to suit my recipients personalities. THANKS for posting!!!