Friday, January 2, 2009

Heavenly Scent

Traipsed through the mall today with the husband in tow, it was actually his idea to go to the mall, so I blame this all on him. :) Did a pretty good job at just "browsing" at each store. Did leave Bath & Body Works with five less dollars than we came in with AND Wetzel Pretzel snuck another $3 out for a delish cinnamon pretzel.

BUT on the way out, as we walked out through Macy's - it hit me. We were being goofs and sniffing all the perfume at the counters - making faces at the scents we hated, etc. All fun and games, right?

Well, in sniffing all the perfume I came across this...(a little x-rated so beware if you're at work or what not).

Yup, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue...the BEST scent EVER!! It's right up there past RALPH Ralph Lauren.

It has been over 4 hours ago and I am STILL sniffing myself. Good thing I drenched my coat in so it will last a few days until I can sneak back in for a few more puffs when the sales people aren't looking. I know you CAN try the stuff, it's just that when they SEE you use it - they want to SELL it to you.

Granted, I WILL own that perfume one day...I just don't want to be goaded into it by a pushy sales person. Plus it needs to be on sale, mmmm k?

Maybe Valentine's Day?? ;)

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