Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You Know You're Bored When...

(this wasn't supposed to post last night - must have hit "publish" instead of "save as draft" when the hubby came home and insisted I cease my 8 hour internet coma - oh well)

You know you're bored when you spend a good 2+ hours ironing all your table linens and then decide to photograph and blog about them. Yup, still on vacation...still sleeping in till 10AM and still milling around the house all live-long day.

Monday's highlight - our new digital converter boxes for the TV and finding the signal for all three of WFYI's channels, Tuesday's highlight - ironing table linens!

Starting to have a pretty good stock of table linens now that we actually have a table (didn't have room for one in any of our apartments). Quite a few table clothes, napkins and placemats in various colors - though mainly our standard tans, mochas, and blues (love those beachy colors!). I do have bright red now for the holidays, and a crazy green penguin one with snowflakes, some light pastel greens...and, of course, white.

Here's my latest table setting concoction. Found some sparkly silver pears on sale at Target, as well as sparkly red place mats - the red berry things are from Joann's.

We took down the tree and most our other holiday decor Monday - but I wasn't quite ready to part with some shimmer.

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