Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Web Finds Wednesday

I rarely get much feedback from my Web Finds Wednesday post - I should probably stop doing them, but I love it....and it a kind of archive for myself to keep track of the cool, funny or inspiring things I find out there on the web. So, bear with me for another Web Finds Wednesday!!! (hear the echo??)

Pattern to Knit A Cat Sweater from Craftzine - Cracked me up this morning!

Fellow local blogger, Melly, from the blog Miscellany is suddenly made famous on the popular blog Bakerella for her crafty cupcake endeavors! Check it out and send her congrats - pretty cool!

So, I knit, sew, read, garden, compost, ride the bus - etc - so much dorkiness for one girl...sigh, but it is not enough. I've been itching to learn to cross stitch - no joke. I mean just LOOK at these marvelous patterns from Sublime Stitching. This isn't your Grandma's embroidery we are talking about! Plus, there is a giveaway on Creature Comforts!!

My husband wonders where I get all my crafty ideas from - sadly half the time they are not from my own head - but rather inspirations from marvleously crafty bloggers like Cherry's Jubilee. I love, love, LOVE her Countdown Tree!!


TMC said...

I don't always comment on Wednesdays but I do always read! I'm just not feeling too crafty these days.

Stacy said...

Aw, thanks! Makes me feel better about my web finds rambling! :)

indykari said...

I always read them too Stacy! I love your web finds, I'm sorry I'm a bad at sharing the comment love. I even started doing my own web find wednesdays. Briefly. I'm going to start back up. Thanks for the inspiration/kick in the rear. Let's make a coffee date soon too!

Momma Val said...

That's not dorky, it's "crafty!" Even if it is "dorky," in some people's eyes you should, "Embrace your inner dork," right? I think all great minds that are crafty and artistic get their ideas from other sources or a combination of different things that they've seen elsewhere. Copying. Where I get most of the fabulous ideas I come up with in neat magazines, in other peoples homes and strolling in cool stores.

Allison said...

I have the Jenny Hart Sublime Stitching basic kit and then bougnt some extra patterns--it is super easy--you'll love it!