Friday, December 26, 2008

Blinds for 2009!

Had a marvelous Christmas! Will have to post soon about all our goodies and good times!

Spent the day today putting up cordless blinds, a new curtain rod and curtains in our bedroom - had gone about a year and half with those crummy paper blinds - so it was about time we started installing real ones. Poor Matt had a heck of time screwing in the brackets for the blinds - we installed them inside the window frame and he kept running into metal - he ended up drilling through it but I had an unhappy husband on my hands for a while there. (our second trip to Lowes to pick up the longer size of curtains also resulted in a purchase of better drill bits - hopefully that will help on the rest of the windows).

The rest of the house gets regular vinyl blinds, but we wanted the cordless for our bedroom. Would post a pic of the curtains but they are all wrinkly just out of the package.

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Can't wait to read about all about it on your blogs!

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