Monday, December 10, 2012

High Waters

Laney is currently in between sizes on blue jeans and pants. (Blue jeans on a toddler is the cutest thing ever!!) She is 27 months now and has the leg length of 24 months pants but the waist of 18 month clothes. Oy vey. Some lines do have 18-24 which is perfect right now. And some 24 months work ok but others are crazy baggie.
Baggie butt example: 24 months pants...they will fit eventually! :)
So for now we are sporting the occasional too baggy 24 months jeans or high water 18 months...with a few good fitting 18-24 in between! What's a girl to do?? :)

The Children's Place is one of the lines I know that has 18-24 jeans..and right now they are on sale for $10! They are usually $15-$16 - such good quality too.We snagged a pair a week or two ago and might grab another before the sale is over.

We also try to snag jeans and things at our local goodwills or through craigslist or our local Facebook garage sale groups (Have you joined any of those yet in your area?? They are addicting!) You can get such good deals on those sites! We snagged a pair of size 6 toddler sneakers that looked like they were worn once for $2. T.W.O. D.O.L.L.A.R.S. But lately any 24 or 2T girl clothes listings have been pretty non-existent.

And Goodwill? (I love browsing there for frames to repaint, and my white locus bowls or blue mason jars which I can sometimes find for .49 each - I once paid $15 for 3 at an antique store - haha!). Just snagged 5 pairs this weekend of mostly 24 month (there was one 18-24 month) jeans for $1.99 each. Plus saved 10% with my Goodwill saver card for spending $20 on an order...a little over $8 for 5 pairs of toddler jeans...that were all in excellent shape and were good brands - carters, etc. Kids grow so fast - and I don't like how the cheap walmart/target jeans are sometimes so thin etc. I had been meaning to hit up our local consignment baby-kid-maternity shops for some deals on 24 month pants, pjs, etc since her lengthy leg growth spurt - especially since I was not having any luck finding them at our closest Goodwill - those consignment shops are great places too for deals - I remember getting Old Navy maternity jeans for $5 a pair back when I was pregnant with miss Laney-roo. :)

Sorry - money-saving rant over! :)

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