Thursday, December 13, 2012


Ok, seriously, when did it become fashionable to wear "bling" - hearts, butterflies, flowers, sequins on the sides of glasses for  grown adult women?? I can see tweens/teens/college age - but to wear to work...I dunno? And I don't mind it as much on my sunglasses - but everyday frames? Maybe I am just an old fogie when it comes to glasses...

Finally deciding that it is time to buy another pair of frames and lenses after having my current pair since high school - 10-11 years ago we are talking. They are in decent shape but have seen better times - times before a toddler/baby manhandled them to the point where they no longer stay on my face or stay level across my face. Le sigh.

I have had them adjusted and refitted once since Laney was born and they asked what I did to them - they were so twisted at the oddest points. I have a toddler - no other explanation necessary. :)

My doctor has always said during an eye exam that my prescription hadn't changed enough to warrant buying new lenses, etc. So I took his word for it - heck contacts are expensive enough and the way insurance works it is typically an either or decision - use up your allowance towards contacts for the year or towards frames. But this year we are in a unique situation where we already got contacts in the summer/spring and then my husband got a new job and the new benefits for 2012 haven't been used yet.

And after our trip to North Carolina where I experienced dizziness from trying to drive at night with my glasses instead of my contacts - and could not see the road signs when I needed to etc to navigate through unfamiliar territory it became clear - new lenses are needed.

It doesn't bother me at all to wear them during the day or even driving at night in my regular stomping grounds where I don't need to try to read road signs quickly and from far away etc. I know where I am going here - and my prescription isn't very different still.

I was just so shocked at the selection - granted I am shopping at Target Optical - not Ossip. But nearly 90% of the frames were blinged out and bedazzled in some way...I found a pair though no worries! :) Just haven't got them yet - the whole new insurance thing is a bit more complicated as I have found out - of course our new one considered Target Optical an Out of Network Provider - goodness. So some research and calls are necessary and possibly a reimbursement application if we get that far - I hope we do because I did finally find the perfect pair! Here's hoping!

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