Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Delaney's First Tutu

I will never forget how my little girl reacted when she opened and put on her tutu we got her for her second birthday in October. Precious. Absolutely precious. Melts my heart to look back and see the pictures and remember that moment.

She has been watching Angelina Ballerina on Netflix and loves to dance and spin and lifts her little leg while standing on one foot like a ballet move and moves her arms up like a ballerina dancer. Adorable. She loves frilly "pry" (pretty) tutu skirts and has a few now - but this was her very first tutu one piece and it has a ballerina on the front! :)

We have been on the hunt for a good pair warm of toddler ballerina slippers for Christmas but haven't had much luck - not impressed with what I have found on my usual go-to for that sort of item - Amazon.com. But still looking! :)

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