Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Web Finds Wednesday

How to Make an Awesome Orange Julius

Top 10 New Mom Must-Haves No One Tells You About

Homemade Mallobars - Yum! Marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers - where could you go wrong with this recipe? Must try it!

5 Homemade DIY Natural Fabric Softeners | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
Been noticing a significant improvement in the sensitive skin department (due to pregnancy hormones) after not only switching out my face-wash and body wash to sensitive only - but also switching our laundry detergent to a dye and fragrance free (so painful - I love my lavender scented stuff) version. Now looking to replace our fabric softener too. Either going the free and clear route from the store or these DIY ideas.

Free downloadable swing set plans :: Money Saving Mom℠
Can we say - hubby weekend project??

5 Reasons Why To Bake These Cupcakes « Slow Like Honey
More marshmallow and chocolate recipe loveliness. Sweet tooth, what??


Kellie said...

hey girl- i've been making my own 'free and clear' laundry soap- biodegradable too! you can even add lavender essential oil if it doesn't bother you- it's made with borax, ivory (or any kind) soap, and washing soda.... just google it and you'll find lots of recipes- it only cost about 3 cents a load too!!! :)
(you probably already know all about this- sorry :)

Stacy said...

I've thought about making my own - but been a little daunted by it - afraid I will mix up a bad batch and ruin my washer or something. :) Will it work with HE washers too? Let me know!

Kellie said...

well, it's super easy- and you can't really ruin your washer with such mild ingredients :) and YES it does work for HE washers, 'cause there is little to no suds. i had to get over that part 'cause it seemed weird to see no bubbles, but it works great! I can mix up a batch in about 10 minutes! i'll send you a link on FB with the recipe i use- :) oh and it's PERFECT for baby wash since it's soooo free and gentle- don't waste your money on dreft or tide!

TMC said...

Sending a box your way this weekend. Just a lil something for baby Q. :)

Would you believe I've never had an Orange Julius? I was the timid kid in the mall who was afraid to approach cashiers.

Stacy said...

TMC - Yay! Can't wait to get it! :) Can't believe that little baby Q will be here soon either - goodness where did time go??

Orange Juliuses are fabulous! If anything - at least try this recipe at home! :) I am making one tonight!