Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mod Podge Addiction

Pretty sure this is only the beginning folks. It is probably a good thing that I will soon be too tired with caring for a newborn to craft - because I am already halfway through the jumbo sized jar of mod podge I just bought. That stuff is addicting!

I got it with the idea that I would just mod podge on some of the left over fabric strips from the Heather Bailey bunting and quilt I made for the baby's room onto some clothes pins to make fun fridge clips. Especially since my mind has gone to mush and I've been told that it will only get worse from here...it helps to clip things to the fridge. Invites to events we should go to, our grocery list, bills, etc. I've even gotten in the habit of sitting down every Sunday afternoon and writing out a little "notes about this week" page full of different things going on both to remind myself and to keep my hubby in the loop.

Well, what started with fridge clips soon spread into dresser drawer liners for the nursery. We bought the dresser on craigslist and yes, I cleaned out the drawers, but a nice drawer liner seemed just the thing to make it seem brand new, clean, fresh and ready for baby clothes, etc. So, in addition to the gigantic jar of mod podge - I also bought 18 sheets of 12 x 12 pink polka dotted scrap book paper.

Here's the before shot:

I was really hoping to find a nice roll of wrapping paper in the same sort of theme - but alas no. And plus, Hobby Lobby had a 50% sale on the scrapbook paper so for under 50 cents a sheet I couldn't go wrong.

And the after!


Rosemarie said...

I'm always looking for drawer liners! Someone got me a huge scented roll a few years back and I've used it everywhere. I used the last of it for Wes's drawers and can't find anymore... so all you used is scrapbooking paper? Great idea!

I have no idea what Modge Podge is.

Mod Podge Amy said...

Love it, so cute! I'm so glad you have a Mod Podge addiction - it's so wonderful, isn't it?