Thursday, September 2, 2010

35 Week Bump Update

Again a little late with the post! 

How far along? 35 Weeks

Food cravings: Concord grapes have really hit the spot, still loving my honey dew for breakfast, cold cereal is always fabulous (honey nut cheerios and frosted mini wheats). Pizza has always sounded good. I've pretty much shunned of anything really salty - like chips and salsa (a normal summer staple for me) and I practically gag on anything I consider too salty! Kinda crazy! Not as hungry as I have been in other months - definitely less room in the belly.

Milestones: Stroller is officially put together! And we have a carseat! For some reason this has been a big issue for me. I have been feeling a little panicky because we didn't have a carseat. And the hospital won't let you take her home without one - so something in my mind just kept saying, "we need a carseat, we need a carseat, we need a carseat." I am resting fairly easy now with that out of the way. Though I will be 100% better once it is completely installed in my car...

Oh, and this: Pretty sure I am having braxton hicks contractions. Very tight, very unpleasant and almost painful. Oy!

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~Megan said...

Did braxton hicks just start for you? I have been having them for a week or two already - starting at about 25 weeks. They are definitely uncomfortable since your entire stomach goes hard for apparently no rhyme or reason.

- Megan