Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boppy Cover of Cuteness: Emily's Garden

Sorry for all the baby posts here lately. Some of you are probably pretty sick of looking at every little nook and cranny of our nursery...I am obsessed I admit. :)

Since I plan on breastfeeding I knew this little pillow was going to be a must! And what is a Boppy without an adorable cover?? I found this cover - called Emily's Garden - on but it said it was only available online not in stores and then it was sold out or out of stock. So I finally gave up on Target and just ordered one off Amazon. I washed and dried it and excitedly put it on my Boppy. Then two days later make it out to a local Target and WHAT DID I FIND?? 6, oh yeah, six - of these on the shelf. NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES, huh?! ONLINE ONLY, huh?!?! Yeah, well - way to tick off a hormonal preggo lady Target! :/ Seriously, I could have saved like $5 in shipping. Whatever. I will get over it - I still love you, Target.

Plus I may just use the opportunity to grab another cover in the same pattern - so when one gets dirty and has to be in the wash - I can still gaze happily at the birds, bunnies, bumble bee and turtles! :)

For more info about the Boppy Pillow - visit their website It's great for feeding, lounging, play and sitting!

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