Friday, September 3, 2010

Childbirth Prep Classes: Complete!

Wow, those four weeks flew by. I was joking with Matt on our last day this week that I don't think I feel ready to be done with the class - I don't feel quite qualified after those four 2-hr long classes! The first class was about the birthing process, the second about different laboring positions and comfort measures, the third about the hospital experience and included a tour at the end and the fourth was caring for your newborn.

I am glad we did the classes, but really could go longer I think. Maybe an optional extended classes for those really have no clue. :)

No, in all seriousness I think they did help. If anything are we familiar with driving to the hospital from our house, parking, what floor to go to, which button to push to make the elevator go up (the new elevators are designed funny - the up button is kinda hidden), how to get in and out of the maternity wing without setting off the alarms. Where the snack machines are, that there are complimentary cookies by the front desk, how to use the valet parking service, etc. Not to mention that there was a lot of good information we went over. I think it helped both Matt and I to be just a little more prepared and to be more comfortable in the hospital - as much as we can be anyway. :)

Next class - Breastfeeding Basics! Then we are done with classes - only how many more weeks till the baby gets here?! It is a little overwhelming to think about! Time has gone by so fast!

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TMC said...

I'm proud of you that you're choosing to breastfeed, S.