Saturday, July 3, 2010

What We Did Today

Saturdays are glorious. The slow start to the morning - sleeping in till 9. Breakfast made by my dearest love - sitting out on the deck in the warm early morning sunshine, our forks clinking against our plates. The smell of coffee drifting from my husband's mug. Fabulous! Sneaking a sip - even better!

Moseying around the backyard barefoot with my "Japanese beetle jug" collecting the stupid things off my veggies and flowers while they are still slow moving in the morning. Having my hubby help me...smiles!

Gazing at the garden, amazed at how fast it is all growing. Keeping busy picking zucchini, yellow squash and my husband's peppers and jalapenos. Peas and broccoli have been taken out, replaced with pumpkins and the peppers that were outgrowing their pots.

Back inside for showers and a change of clothes (can't wear your pjs to town!).

Took some time to set out all my glassware onto the two tables I have set up in the dining room for my upcoming baby shower in August! It's coming so quickly! Deciding what foods should go where and how much candy we need.

Bored husband is not impressed with my puttering about with the tables and jars and asks for the 30th time when we are going to town.

Putzed around long enough that hubby makes lunch.

Another meal out on the deck, under the shade of our new found umbrella.

We finally leave for town.

Stop at the library to pick up a book on hold. Yes, I know I have $3.20 fine - no, I don't want to pay it now...

Head off to visit the chocolate shop I just discovered (another post to follow up on that fabulous find).

Realized about halfway there that I forgot the camera. Turned back around - got the camera. Back on the road.

Chocolate shop browsing while snapping pics, chatting with the clerk - who's due in August, sipping on old fashioned creme soda and sharing a marshmallow filled chocolate with Matthew in the shade. Watching the small town life in the summer sun - cars going by - people walking past.

Meandered up the road for a little antiquing at The Salvage Sisters and Thanks for Your Thyme - more favorite places. Managed to make it out without spending a dime - but added 5 more things to my mental wish list. Current loves: picnic baskets, wire baskets and cake pedestals.

Stopped a garage sale to pass the time - still no money spent despite the $6 book shelf find. Startled by a box that moved - they had rabbits! Too cute! :)

Someone asked how far along I was - without me having to say I was pregnant. :)

Back home for afternoon naps in the cool indoors.

Living on cold cereal and fruit - too hot to eat much else.

Another round outside in the evening hours to let the dogs out and collect more beetles and water all the plants.

Back inside after the neighbors start up with the fireworks. Dogs are startled, hair raised and barking frantically. I turn on some music to drown out the pops and bangs. Showbiz watches the front door nervously but settles down. Lola seeks shelter next to me - nestled on the couch.

The pops and bangs finally slow to a stop - with only occasional blips from the distance.

Blog browsing till I am sleepy - collecting ideas, recipes - catching up on what my blog pals are up to - feeling my baby kick and tumble.

Never did get to my to-do list of working on my fabric bunting or making chocolate zucchini muffins or sugar cookies. But there's tomorrow and Monday yet!

Yay for Saturdays! :)

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