Thursday, July 22, 2010

Craft Room Makeover

Making our spare bedroom into a nursery and our office into an office/spare bedroom has had us shifting around a few things in our home here recently. I am officially happy with how the office and guest bedroom turned out. I thought at first it would be too cramped - but having the bedroom suite and the library and desk together makes the room look so much more put together and cozy!

What we were lacking though was a real craft area for my sewing, knitting, crocheting, cutting, painting, etc needs. Somewhere besides under the bed and in closets where I could stash my growing fabric collection, thread, ribbon, batting, yarn, needles, etc - in plain sight so I could see what I have and find what I need easily but done more tastifully than my rubbermaid bins.

So our white shelf that we scored for free last year ended up coming out of the office and into the landing/loft area and now happily houses all sorts of crafty tidbits, another free standing shelf holds even more, and I thought I would not need these two plastic bin/shelves that came in from the garage and used to reside in our closets when we lived in the apartment - but my crafty stash needed further containing so here they stay. And what's a craft area without a table? Not a craft area! So here steps in my blue card table...blah.


But what really ties it all together I think - is my Tablevogue cover. Have you heard of these yet? If you haven't - you've gotta check them out! They take your ordinary tables from drab to fab. And I am not talking about just any old table cloth here. Because I've tried that - and nothing fits a card table well - you always have that edge that is too long - and one way too short -arg! Tablevogue, being the geniuses that they are, have created custom fitted - and fancily box-pleated - covers to fit over your standard card table and utility table. Fabulous!

I'll be using for my upcoming baby shower - and any other future parties AND it will get used everyday in my craft area! No need to fold up my unsightly card table any more - I can put it to use everyday AND make it look cute!

Ok, ok, enough dawdling - here's my craft area AFTER!


P.S. I'll post more here soon from the other rooms - nursery and guest bedroom - but most importantly - the nursery!! It is coming together so fast now - can't wait till it's finished and there's a beautiful little baby sleeping in there! :)

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Rosemarie said...

We did the same thing -- spare bedroom became nursery and office is becoming office/guest bed. Although we haven't gotten far with the office. Can't wait to see more pics.