Thursday, July 1, 2010

Preggo at the Pool

One of our new favorite places to go during a lazy summer evening is the neighborhood pool. We just recently discovered this practically historic local gem. We didn't even know it was here and had been going to another town's pool. This charming old city pool has quick become our favorite though! The super cheap snack shack area complete with $1 slushies, $2 pizza slices, $1 hot dogs, $1.50 pretzels, nachos, 10 cent candy, red pop and more! :) The cute little kiddie area, the diving boards and slides. And lots of room to just mosey about in the water. Pergolas built around the perimeter so you can drag your chairs into semi-shade if you want. Attentive lifeguards who will actually blow their whistle and stop rough housing and running. The periodic "adult time" where the life guards all blow their whistles and shoo the splashing kiddos out so the adults can all stand around in the water and get stared at by the waiting kids. I love it!

And the snack area! Did I mention the snack area yet? :) P.S. Don't get between the pregnant lady and the food, people. Seriously. I don't care if you are twelve or not. I am pregnant and hungry.

Happy preggo lady, all fed and cooled off in the pool! Perfect way to spend a summer evening!

Especially if I get to sit next to this guy! :)

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