Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving Thanks

Looking at this photo just makes me smile! We all stood there like that for a good 20 minutes as each person's camera was switched out so everyone could take the picture! Thank goodness I remembered to bring the tripod this year - it helped! Though we need 5 more so we could use all the cameras at once!

My Dad's side gathered together this past weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving and my aunt's birthday a little early this year - it worked out in most everyone's schedule to do so. Was able to enjoy turkey and all the fixings plus a lot of good family time - all un-rushed! The holidays are more hectic for us as we always have multiple functions to attend in one day. Having one Thanksgiving ahead of time definitely helps!

If the first pic made me smile, then this one makes me beam! As per tradition, my Grandpa knocks out cold after a hearty meal - hehe!


Kymera Wand said...

i am thankful for this blog...and turkey :)

Stacy said...

Kymera - Aw, thanks! *blush*

I am more a ham person myself when it comes to the holiday fixings! And the desserts!!

Karen Sue said...

Instead of going to my parents, then his parents on Thanksgiving and stuffing ourselves twice in one day and trying to be polite and eat everything that people slaved over, we decided a couple of years ago, the turkey is at our house...at 1pm with his stuffing, some potatoes and squash. If you want to come, bring something to share and if not, I don't care. My feelings aren't hurt and you are all welcome, but do what you want. So far, it's OK by us. And most people try to be there.
We're a blended family and many holidays, we feel like we've been run through the blender to get everywhere...!!