Monday, November 2, 2009

Indecisive and a Review! LG enV Touch

When shopping for a new phone I am such a bundle of nerves and it all be summed up as "indecisive." What phone do I want to use for the new two years (Verizon's New Every Two)? What phone will best fit my needs and work best for what I use it for - home or business. Most times it seems like nothing on the market matches what I want with what I can afford.

Luckily there is a finally a pretty snazzy phone is out that hits all the marks for me. The LG enV Touch (lovely touch screen phone that flips open to a full QWERTY keyboard). The keyboard is by far my favorite feature, right up there with the touch screen. I also enjoy the pleasant ring tones that come on the phone - lovely nature sounds, a fun "good morning" tone that can be set as your alarm clock if you wake to your phone (which I do).

The thing about having a gorgeous phone like the enV Touch is that, if you're on a budget, and trying to keep you bill to as close to minimum as possible, you can't possibly use the phone to it's full functionality.

So, even with a snazzy new phone - I have to restrain myself - le sigh. Well, yay for me, because a new, wonderful opportunity has knocked on my door here in the recent week! I've been honored with the opportunity to review new phones from Verizon - HOW COOL IS THAT?!

So, now I can get (for 30 days at a time) to explore the full capabilities of Verizon's newest phones! Granted, I don't keep the phone, nor does it use my number or contacts, etc - but it is fully functional! For my first phone to review I chose the LG enV Touch - yup the exact phone I just bought so I could try out all it had to offer.

And the verdict? GREAT phone pretty much all around! I instantly customized and personalized it down to the images on the two screens (pics from our recent vacation) and changed the display mode from the preset vintage stamp look to a more sleek modern look - the only other display mode option.

I tried out the internet and was a little disappointed. At least I know I am not missing out on much by not having a data plan on our phones. The browser was hard to navigate and though it was a large screen - it just didn't display web well. And really that could be with any phone.

So, if you're in the market for a new phone and want to venture out into the world of touch screens - the LG enV Touch is definitely a good phone to check out. Especially if you enjoy texting, taking pictures, sending SMS texts to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. Now, if you want to use the internet on your phone to browse your tweets, Facebook, Google Reader, etc - eh...may not be the phone for you. Just depends on what your needs are. Me? I really don't need to spend anymore time on the internet than I already do - it is nice to know that this phone can access the net if I need to on the whim, but I am not too tempted to do that regularly.

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Momma Val said...

Thanks for the review. Hubs is always talking about upgrading to a touch phone of some sort. I am really an old fart when it comes to upgrading anything. These are pretty cool though, friends have them and I am amazed at all they do :)

alli michelle said...

Great review! I ended up getting this phone, too, and we have a data plan with it. Really liking it so far, & the keyboard for texting is definitely my favorite part.

lg env3 skins said...

I have an earnest desire to get this phone, wish me luck to get it by new-year....